Useful Blackjack Tips

The game of blackjack is relatively simple to play, but proper knowledge of the rules and some very important blackjack tips can make all the difference in a player’s bankroll. The following tips are guaranteed to help players win more–and more often.

• Know the rules. Before any player decides to take a turn playing blackjack, it is very important for them to understand all of the rules. Although many people are familiar with the basic goals of blackjack, there are many more that are unaware of the ability to split or double down. These players are missing out on a whole realm of possibilities. 
• The objective of the game is to beat the dealer. It is a common misconception that the goal of blackjack is to end up with a hand of 21. There are many instances where a hand of a mere 17 will do the trick; players should always focus on beating the dealer. 
• Use a strategy chart. These charts line out all of the possible card combinations, the odds of each hand, basic blackjack tips, and whether a player should stand, hit, split or double down on certain hands. Without a basic strategy, the house edge lies at about six percent. With a strategy, the house edge can be reduced to as low as one percent. 
• Play in a comfortable environment. While many players enjoy the loud noise and lights associated with land-based casinos, others find it distracting. Each player should play blackjack in the setting that is right for them in order to get favorable results. 
• Practice safe spending. The biggest mistakes made by blackjack players often have to do with reckless spending. Players should determine how much they can afford to spend at the outset, quit when they are ahead, and never chase lost money. 
• Tip the dealer. In land-based casinos, atmosphere is everything. Dealers are extremely underpaid, held to relatively impossible standards, and can quickly become annoyed. While players should never tip unprofessional or rude dealers, it is proper practice to tip the dealer most of the time.

While there are no blackjack tips that can guarantee a win every single time, following the ones lined out above can help a player win more often.