Understanding eCOGRA and How It Affects Online Gambling

There are a few entities currently in existence that affect how individuals are able to interact with online casinos. One such entity is eCOGRA. The e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance organization is a non-profit group that establishes many codes of conduct for online gaming sites. By issuing certifications to compliant casinos, eCOGRA helps make sure that online players are gaming at only the safest and fairest casinos possible.

What eCOGRA Provides

As an independent non-profit, eCOGRA sets its own standards for what makes a safe and reliable online gaming experience. While some casinos may disagree with these standards, players can rest assured that when they play at a casino that has an eCOGRA certification, they are gaming at a safe casino. The company regularly reviews applications from online casinos, making sure that there is a certain level of security, fairness, and responsibility before they issue their seal of approval.

Some of eCOGRA’s Standards

Understanding eCOGRA and How It Affects Online Gambling

There are a few things eCOGRA looks at when reviewing online casinos. First are the steps the casino has taken to protect players from fraud and theft. Personal information must be carefully stored and encrypted, and payments must be processed with a certain minimum level of security. Second, eCOGRA looks at the fairness of the games. They regularly evaluate the software the casino uses to make sure the random number generators are operating fairly and payouts are consistent and fair. Finally, eCOGRA makes sure that online gambling entities engage in responsible conduct in all of their dealings, including advertisements and promotions.

When players see the eCOGRA seal of approval on a casino’s website, they know they are getting the best online gambling experience possible. Casinos without the seal may not live up to the minimum standards.